QuickMail Integration

Automate SMS, MMS, Voice, Post, Fax and Email with QuickMail

About QuickMail

QuickMail lets you automate cold email outreach with a heavy focus on deliverability, maximizing the chances of your emails landing in your prospects’ inboxes.

Using the Zapier QuickMail <> ClickSend integration, you can transfer prospects over to ClickSend for marketing and transactional emails as soon as they become leads in QuickMail.

QuickMail works with Gmail, Outlook, and any SMTP.

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your QuickMail account

Key Features:

  • Multi-touch cold email campaigns
  • Auto follow-ups
  • Free email warm-up tool
  • Reply & Out-of-office detection
  • Open & click tracking
  • Bounce detection
  • A/B testing
  • Personalization

QuickMail pricing

You can check for pricing here: https://quickmail.io/pricing

QuickMail listing screenshots

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