Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Automate SMS, MMS, Voice, Post, Fax and Email with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

About Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365 is a collection of applications that work together to drive efficiency, cut costs, and create hyperconnected businesses.

There’s a range of applications available in Dynamics 365, from finance to sales, supply chain management to customer service and more. These applications can work with existing systems in a business too — like ClickSend.

ClickSend is a multi-channel business communications platform that offers SMS, MMS, Voice, Fax, Email, and Online Mail worldwide. Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with ClickSend to send automated text messages, voice, letters, and more.

You can use the integration through Zapier. We’ve prepared detailed help guide for you here

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM account

Connect Microsoft Dynamics and ClickSend to

Add multichannel messaging to Dynamics 365 for better communication with customers, employees, leads and prospects.

Connect both tools with Zapier, MAKE, Microsoft Power Automate, or Integrately to automatically:

  • Send and receive SMS and MMS from Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Send text-to-speech voice calls with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Send letters from your computer via Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Send custom postcards from Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Send online fax from Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM pricing

This integration is free. ClickSend accounts are also free. You will only pay for the messages you send.

Microsoft Dynamics accounts and automation tools, like Zapier, have different pricing structures. Check their websites to find out more.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ClickSend Zapier templates

Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ClickSend Make templates

Microsoft Dynamics CRM listing screenshots

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