Airtable SMS Integration

Add text messaging functionality to your Airtable account and send SMS directly from any Airtable base.

About Airtable SMS

Airtable simplifies data management. It works like a digital filing cabinet — you can store and manage all kinds of information in one central place. Collaborate with your team, work together and smooth communication.

Many businesses use Airtable to track sales leads, organise projects, manage inventory and sales. When you add the ClickSend SMS extension to your Airtable bases, you can streamline communication to customers, team members, stakeholders and more.

With the ClickSend Airtable SMS integration, your messages are customisable. And you can use placeholders to personalise messages for each recipient. Plus, you can check your ClickSend balance directly from the Airtable dashboard for easy account management.

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your Airtable SMS account

Connect Airtable and ClickSend to

Add SMS messaging to Airtable for better communication with customers, employees and prospects.

  • Send pay-as-you-go SMS from Airtable
    With ClickSend’s pay-as-you-go pricing, it's easy to control your budget.
  • Text message up to 1,000 contacts at once
    Update customers or prospects all at the same time with a bulk SMS to 1,000 contacts at once. Got over 1,000 contacts? No problem — each send takes minutes.
  • Personalise your messages with customer details, names and more
    It’s simple to add customisable placeholders to your text messages. Add placeholders for names, order details and more. They’ll pull through to each SMS automatically.

Why Airtable & ClickSend

Perfect for growing businesses, ClickSend is the only text messaging integration that’s available on the Airtable Free plan. You can also access it via the Plus, Pro and Enterprise plans.

Airtable SMS pricing

This integration is free. ClickSend accounts are also free. You will only pay for the messages you send.

Airtable accounts have a pricing structure based on your needs. View pricing.

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