Power BI Integration

Pull SMS data from your ClickSend account with Power BI

About Power BI

Power BI brings software, apps and connectors together to turn different pieces of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. For example, Power BI can bring data together from an Excel spreadsheet, cloud-based data warehouses, software like ClickSend and more.

If you’re already using SMS with our Microsoft Power Automate plugin, this integration can help you pull out and analyse your data. Power BI works with a range of other popular SMS plugins too, such as Google Sheets.

Instructions on how to set-up the connector can be found here

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your Power BI account

Track your progress and speed up reporting by creating interactive insights.

  • Retrieve your SMS history simply.
    It’s an easy way to check delivery and show campaign scope and impact.
  • Track your SMS budget against spending.
    Pull data on SMS spend, account usage and pricing for easy end of month reporting.
  • Export SMS contact lists for easy compliance.
    Pull all the data from your contact lists to show growth over time, double check opt outs and reduce duplicates.

Why PowerBI & ClickSend

If you’re already using ClickSend with any of the Microsoft products and beyond, this plugin is a simple way to make reporting easy.

Pull data and details in minutes, without knowing code. You can set up the ClickSend Power BI integration in minutes. It’s easy to install and learn.

Need a hand? Our team can help you 24/7. Reach out via our live chat or email us at support@clicksend.com.

Power BI pricing

Power BI Desktop is always free. There are paid options for Power BI too. Check the power BI pricing page for more information.

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