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Slack SMS Integration - Send SMS from Slack

About Slack SMS ClickSend

Slack is a communication platform for businesses. It’s a hub for real-time chats, file swapping and teaming up with other apps. All under one digital roof. Just like text messaging, Slack has become so popular because it breaks through communication barriers and is incredibly easy to use.

Send SMS from any Slack channel

Use the Slack SMS plugin to send text messages right from your Slack workspace. There’s no need to switch tools. You can divert incoming text messages to your Slack too. That way, you receive all your communication in one place.

Once everything is hooked-up, just type the /sms command into any Slack channel to send text messages. It’s that simple.

Why would you send SMS from Slack?

SMS is perfect for contacting customers or staff with urgent messages. Especially if they turn their Slack notifications off after hours.

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your Slack SMS ClickSend account

Connect Slack and ClickSend to

Add text messaging capability to Slack simply with the ClickSend plugin. Send text messages directly from your workspace. It’s just like typing a Slack message.

  • Send text messages to staff, customers and suppliers from your Slack workspace. Reach your team even if they’re offline, on the road or working remotely.
  • Set up customer service via text, with minimal effort. Using the Slack SMS integration, text messages will be delivered to your customer care channel. And your team can respond by text message, right from Slack.
  • Keep everything in one place so everyone can search text chats and Slack chats. View text message threads in Slack and use the search bar to find conversations — just like your regular Slack.

Why Slack & ClickSend

Slack is one of the world’s most popular team chat tools. ClickSend syncs seamlessly with Slack — using the most reliable, direct connections with carriers for near-instant SMS delivery and thousands of messages per minute.

Slack SMS ClickSend pricing

The Slack SMS Integration is free. You can discover Slack subscription costs here.

ClickSend is always pay-as-you-go and we charge per message sent. See ClickSend pricing.

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