WooCommerce Integration

Keep your customers in the loop with SMS from your WooCommerce store.

About WooCommerce

Use the ClickSend WooCommerce Plugin to create one-off promotional SMS campaigns or to set-up SMS to send automatically from your store.

Text messaging is the perfect way for WooCommerce stores to reach customers. You can send order confirmations, loyalty discounts, shipping updates, promotions and start customer service conversions via this plugin.

To use the Woocommerce plugin, we’ve prepared some help resources for you.

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your WooCommerce account

Easily set-up SMS to send from your store to your customers:

  • Simply set-up SMS notifications for order confirmations, shipping updates and more.
  • Send promotional blasts to one customer, a group of customers or your whole list.
  • Enjoy free customer replies sent to your email. This keeps all your replies, in one easy to manage place.
  • Speak directly with your customers. Personalise messages by name, order number, price, items and order status.
  • Keep your customers happy. 9 out of 10 prefer to be contacted by online stores via SMS.

Why use the ClickSend WooCommerce plugin?

You can use the ClickSend plugin from your WooCommerce dashboard so you can easily manage all your SMS in one place. You can also sync contacts with Piesync

WooCommerce pricing

  • WooCommerce Plugin integration is paid but comes with a free 24/7 support and free credits.
  • Zapier and integromat offers a Free Plan of small volume of tasks/actions per month. After the plan has been consumed, fees may apply. However, the connector is free to set up. You only pay for the messages sent.

[You may sign up for a free ClickSend account and test with the free credits here] (https://clicksend.com/signup)

Our customer support is open 24/7 for any questions or email us at support@clicksend.com

WooCommerce & ClickSend Zapier templates

WooCommerce & ClickSend Make templates

How to Send Automated SMS from @WooCommerce with ClickSend SMS
How to Send SMS to Bulk Orders from @WooCommerce with ClickSend SMS
How to Send Manual SMS from @WooCommerce with ClickSend SMS

WooCommerce listing screenshots

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