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About Google Calendar

ClickSend SMS is a Google Calendar add-on that enables you to easily schedule text message reminders for any appointments made within Google Calendar. They could be for customers or staff for any type of appointment, meeting or reservation and you can schedule in any amount of reminders on any event. You can also receive replies and have two-way conversations. No more manual reminding and with the 98% open rate of SMS you WILL dramatically reduce no-shows.

We have prepared a help guide with detailed setup instructions.

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your Google Calendar account

  • Automatically fetches phone numbers in the title and description of the event.
  • You can set default values to use for every reminder, which are editable too.
  • Can send from shared, dedicated, own phone number and business name.
  • Can use 2 placeholders: %date% and %time%.
  • There's a check icon - a confirmation and SMS reminder has been set for the event. Then an SMS will be sent when the trigger time takes place.

Google Calendar pricing

The add-on is free to install. You only pay for the messages sent.

Send Text Reminders from Google Calendar with ClickSend

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