Ortto (formerly Autopilot) Integration

Automate SMS, MMS, Voice, Post, Fax and Email with Autopilot

About Ortto (formerly Autopilot)

Ortto (formerly Autopilot), in a software context, usually refers to marketing automation software. This type of software allows businesses to automate and personalize their marketing campaigns, workflows, and customer interactions. These platforms often provide features for creating and managing customer journeys, sending targeted messages, and tracking user interactions to improve engagement.

Seamlessly integrate ClickSend with Ortto for enhanced communication and automation capabilities. Combine ClickSend's messaging solutions with Ortto's platform for a comprehensive business solution.

The integration can be installed using the buttons on the left. Detailed setup instructions can be found here:

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your Ortto (formerly Autopilot) account

Key features in Ortto:

  • Custom emails and messages.
  • Automated customer journeys.
  • Targeted contact groups.
  • Personalized content.
  • Lead ranking based on engagement.
  • Multi-channel outreach.
  • Interactive forms and landing pages.
  • Effective testing of strategies.
  • Tracking campaign success and engagement.
  • Smooth integration with tools.
  • Timed nurturing via drip campaigns.
  • User behavior tracking.
  • Social media automation.
  • Streamlined internal workflows.

Ortto (formerly Autopilot) pricing

Tiered Plans: Typically, marketing automation platforms offer different plans based on features and contacts.

Starter: Basic plan for small businesses or newcomers.

Mid-Level: More features for growing businesses.

Enterprise: Premium plans for larger businesses with advanced needs.

Custom: Tailored plans for unique requirements.

Free Trial: Often, platforms offer a trial period.

Flexible Billing: Some offer pay-as-you-go or annual options. Add-Ons: Additional features or services may be available.

For further information on pricing, please visit the following link:

Ortto (formerly Autopilot) & ClickSend Zapier templates

Ortto (formerly Autopilot) & ClickSend Make templates

Ortto (formerly Autopilot) listing screenshots

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