Zoho Flow Integration

Build SMS, MMS, mail, fax and more into automated workflows with Zoho Flow

About Zoho Flow

Zoho Flow is an integration platform that connects your apps without you writing any code. Set up triggers and actions, using basic conditional logic ("if-then"). Create your entire workflow on an easy drag-and-drop builder. By creating multi-step 'Flows', with time delay and rule-based decision features, you can automate complex business workflows within minutes.

Connect your favorite apps to ClickSend with Zoho and easily build SMS, MMS and more into your Flows.

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your Zoho Flow account

Triggers and Actions

Our Zoho Flow integration supports the following triggers:

  • Contact added: when a contact is added to a ClickSend contact list, kickstart an action
  • SMS received: when you receive an SMS, kickstart an action

...and the following actions:

  • Send SMS and MMS
  • Send email campaigns
  • Send text-to-speech voice calls
  • Send fax online to a fax machine
  • Send physical mail: either custom printed postcards or letters
  • Create, update, move or get information about a contact or contact list

Top ways our customers use ClickSend with Zoho Flow:

  • Receive ClickSend SMS messages when Acuity Scheduling appointments are cancelled.
  • Send text messages via ClickSend when there are new deals made in Agendor.
  • Forward ClickSend SMS messages through Zoho Mail.
  • Receive ClickSend SMS messages for new tickets in Zoho Desk.

You can also create a custom Flow - check out the complete list of triggers and actions.

Zoho Flow pricing

With ClickSend, you only pay for the messages you send. And inbound SMS is always free.

Zoho Flow offer a 15 day free trial, then monthly or annual plans.

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