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Zeevou is a global community that helps you grow your hospitality business through cutting-edge automation, industry-leading training, and world-class support.

About Zeevou

Do you feel shackled by the numerous responsibilities of growing your short-term rental business?

You deserve to break free from these everyday worries and enjoy business (and life) on your own terms.

Join Zeevou! Your partner to facilitate the greater success and freedom you’re worth.

Now you can free up more time, to do the things you actually enjoy,

Have the liberty to run your business, from anywhere in the world,

And sustainably scale your business, in the process!

Remember, we truly understand where YOU are, right now…

Partner with Zeevou to escape from the everyday problems that come with scaling a short-term rental business and don’t let them hold you back anymore.

It’s a win-win solution! Your business thrives and together, we make the world a happier place - where you’ll have the space to spread your wings, and soar!

Because only when you’re free, can you reach your fullest potential.

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your Zeevou account

  • Send SMS from Zeevou
  • Receive SMS with Zeevou

Zeevou pricing

This integration is free. You only pay for the messages sent.

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