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Automate your mailouts with ClickSend Letters and Zapier.

Zapier is one of the world’s most loved automation tools — it helps to automate all the boring and repetitive tasks (like your weekly mailout). The ClickSend Letter Campaign tool can connect to your favourite applications and software via a Zap. Once connected, you can send personalised letters to thousands of people on your contact or customer list or trigger personalised letters automatically from your favourite software.

Make direct mail the easiest part of your job. Automate letters with pay-as-you-go pricing and send them anywhere in the world. Your letters will be printed, put into envelopes and posted from our mail centre.

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What you can do with
Zapier Letters and Postcards + ClickSend

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    Send postcards

    Send physical postcards to any address around the world. Perfect for managing direct mail campaigns.

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    Send letters

    Send physical letters worldwide. It's an easy way to automate direct mail and customer letters.

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Plug and play with a free account

Want to hook ClickSend up to your top tools? Get started with a free ClickSend account. It only takes a few minutes to set up.