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About Suretriggers

SureTriggers is a powerful automation platform designed to simplify tasks and processes in various aspects of work and life. Think of it as your digital assistant, capable of connecting different apps and tools to automate repetitive actions, making your daily routine smoother and more efficient.

From managing your emails and automating content generation to streamlining team collaboration and project management, SureTriggers is a versatile companion that can save you time and effort by letting you automate your daily mundane tasks.

It's like having a helper who takes care of the nitty-gritty tasks, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your Suretriggers account

ClickSend Automations:

Google Sheets + ClickSend: Automatically send SMS notifications or alerts when new data is added to a Google Sheet, such as order confirmations or appointment reminders.

ClickSend + Mailchimp: Automatically add new Mailchimp subscribers to your ClickSend SMS contact list, allowing you to send SMS messages to your subscribers for promotions or updates.

ClickSend + Jotform: Send instant SMS notifications to a designated team or user when a new form submission is received, for example, for lead generation or customer feedback.

ClickSend + Gmail: Receive SMS notifications when specific important emails arrive in your Gmail inbox, ensuring you don't miss critical messages.

ActiveCampaign + ClickSend: Automate SMS communication with your ActiveCampaign contacts, such as sending welcome messages or updates when new contacts are added to specific lists.

The possibilities are endless where you integrate ClickSend with hundreds of other applications with the help of SureTriggers.

Suretriggers pricing

SureTriggers offers three pricing plans, ranging from $0 to $19 per month on annual plans. The free plan includes one website, 1000 tasks, five automation, and three days of logs.

The Pro plan costs $9 per month and includes five website connectivity, 5000 monthly tasks, unlimited automation, auto-retry failed automation, and 30 days of logs.

The Agency plan costs $19 per month and includes everything in the Pro plan plus paths, unlimited websites, 20000 monthly tasks, disabled interface in WP Admin, team (coming soon), and workspaces (coming soon).

SureTriggers offers a free trial for all its plans for 14 days and a forever free plan.

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