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About Streak

Streak is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that is built as a Gmail extension. It is designed to help individuals, small businesses, and sales teams manage their customer interactions and sales processes directly within their Gmail inbox. Streak allows users to organize and track emails, contacts, deals, and other important information without leaving their email interface.

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Key features of Streak CRM include:

Pipeline Management: Streak enables users to create customizable pipelines for tracking various stages of deals, projects, or customer relationships. This visual representation helps users stay organized and understand where each interaction stands in the process.

Email Tracking: With Streak, you can track when emails are opened by recipients. This feature provides insights into the engagement level of your email communication.

Snooze and Send Later: Streak offers the ability to snooze emails to deal with them later and schedule emails to be sent at a specific time.

Contact Management: You can manage contacts directly within Gmail, associating them with specific pipelines and custom fields.

Task Management: Users can create and assign tasks related to specific emails or deals, ensuring that important follow-ups and actions are not overlooked.

Collaboration: Streak allows users to share pipelines, contacts, and information with team members, enhancing collaboration and coordination.

Data Insights: The platform provides insights and reports on key metrics, helping users analyze their sales and communication efforts.

Integration: While Streak operates as a Gmail extension, it can also integrate with other tools like Google Sheets and Google Calendar, enhancing its functionality.

Streak CRM is particularly popular among professionals who heavily rely on email communication and want to streamline their CRM processes within their Gmail workflow.

Streak pricing

Streak offers various pricing tiers including Free, Solo, Pro, Pro+, and Enterprise. To find more detailed information about their pricing, please visit their website

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