Splunk Integration

Automate sending SMS with Splunk

About Splunk

Through Automate.io and Pabbly integration platforms, Splunk integrates with ClickSend to send SMS messages.

Splunk makes machine data accessible across an organization by identifying data patterns, providing metrics, diagnosing problems and providing intelligence for business operations. Splunk is a horizontal technology used for application management, security and compliance, as well as business and web analytics.

ClickSend is a world leading, GDPR compliant SMS gateway that powers billions of messages globally using Tier 1 direct routes. ClickSend takes message delivery very seriously.

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your Splunk account

With Automate.io and Pabbly, you can:

  • Send SMS
  • Receive SMS
  • Send MMS
  • Send text-to-speech voice calls
  • Send letters
  • Send custom postcards
  • Send fax
  • Create contact and list
  • Delete contact and list
  • Search lists and contact by phone and email address

Splunk pricing

This integration is free. You only pay for the messages sent.

Splunk listing screenshots

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