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CRM + Sales
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A Re:amaze account is required to use this integration.

Add SMS and MMS to your customer support experience.

Connect ClickSend to your Re:amaze dashboard to send and receive effortlessly SMS and MMS messages, right within your customer support interface. Respond to inquiries, resolve issues, or engage with your audience.

Use the integration to collaborate with your team members on SMS messages, send and receive image attachments, and run automated workflows to streamline your customer interactions. With ClickSend and Re:amaze, providing exceptional customer support is easier than ever.

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What you can do with
Re:amaze + ClickSend

  • Send SMS messages feature icon

    Send SMS messages

    Send a text message to a specific number. Perfect for one-on-one conversations, automatic reminders and more.

  • Send MMS messages icon

    Send MMS messages

    Send an MMS with an image file to a mobile number. For when you need to show, not just tell.

  • Send Text-to-Voice icon

    Send text-to-voice

    Send a Voice Text-To-Speech message to a mobile phone or landline.

  • Send Fax icon

    Send fax

    Send faxes online to any fax munber, worldwide. Skip the printing, scanning and faxing.

  • Send postcards feature icon

    Send postcards

    Send physical postcards to any address around the world. Perfect for managing direct mail campaigns.

  • Send Letters icon

    Send letters

    Send physical letters worldwide. It's an easy way to automate direct mail and customer letters.

  • Bulk Messaging feature icon

    Bulk messaging

    Send bulk SMS or MMS to the contact lists stored in your ClickSend account. Reach up to 20,000 contacts at once.

  • Manage Contacts icon

    Manage contacts

    Easily manage your contacts and contact lists, without logging into your ClickSend account.

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Plug and play with a free account

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