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Send SMS, postcards, letters, phone calls, and Fax with Paperform and ClickSend.

About Paperform

Paperform is a no-code platform that provides the tools to create robust business solutions. Like writing a word document, you can build forms that sell products, schedule bookings, take payments and automate workflows without technical knowledge.

Use Paperform's form builder for your brand with advanced customisation and themes, or start with a template from Paperform's 650+ expertly designed form templates. If you choose to create your form, you won't have any problems thanks to Paperform's intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Create unlimited forms with unlimited files and choose from over 28 question types, including new matrix fields and appointment and e-signature fields. Did we also mention Paperform has custom HTLM and CSS capabilities?

Understand what's working and what's not with Paperform's built-in analytics. Access the information you need to improve your pages and understand your customers better.

Paperform also integrates nicely with over 3,000 tools. Connect to thousands of popular apps and services, bringing all your work under one roof.

By integrating Paperform with ClickSend, you can automate your business communication needs, send automated text messages and more.

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Integrate SMS messaging and more with your Paperform account

With your Paperform and ClickSend integration, you can create automation that sends text messages, phone calls, letters, faxes and custom postcards. It's as quick and easy as a message between friends.

As every business is different, the Paperform and ClickSend integration can be used for thousands of use cases with various web applications: Send appointments and schedule text reminders, shipping updates, welcome messages and more. Create SMS automation When a new form is submitted, send an SMS, create a new contact list and more. Create and send custom postcards and letters. Schedule phone calls. Send fax from Paperform.

You can connect your ClickSend and Paperform account using Zapier. Follow our in-depth guide for more information.

Paperform pricing

With a starting price of $20/month, Paperform offers a range of subscriptions to suit your needs. Whether you're a small team just getting started or an organisation with multiple users, there are various price packages.

Try out the 14-day free trial period to decide whether the service is good for you or not. Ps, no credit card required.

As Paperform is a 3rd party integration platform: Some platforms may apply fees. However, the connector is free to set up, and you only pay for the messages sent.

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