MuleSoft SMS & MMS Integration

Easily add automated messaging to MuleSoft with tested SMS and MMS API connectors.

About MuleSoft SMS & MMS

Why connect MuleSoft and ClickSend?

MuleSoft syncs up systems and applications so they work harmoniously. ClickSend offers a range of communication channels like SMS, online post, and voice. By integrating these two tools, you can automate your communications for better data flow, real-time updates, and personalised customer messages.

Create workflows and automation rules in MuleSoft that trigger communication actions in ClickSend. For example, automate order confirmations, appointment reminders, or marketing campaigns using data from your CRM or e-commerce platform.

Use these tools together to streamline communication and improve customer experience. All while reducing manual work and errors.

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your MuleSoft SMS & MMS account

What does the MuleSoft SMS + MMS integration do?

Send and receive automated SMS and MMS with MuleSoft and ClickSend. Create a strong and scalable solution to use as your business grows.

Send messages around the world with global message delivery, via the ClickSend SMS and MMS API. ​​Add automated SMS and MMS to any multi-channel communications workflows quickly — we’ve simplified the set-up so there’s no technical barriers. Build out a library of messages to solve any communications problem. Use custom placeholders and templates for automated and personalised text messages and MMS. Perfect for service based businesses that need to automate communications, this native integration works well for real estate, banking, e-commerce and other businesses.

MuleSoft SMS & MMS pricing

The MuleSoft SMS & MMS connector is free. However, you will need to pay to use MuleSoft, view pricing.

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