Microsoft Power Automate Integration

Automate SMS, MMS, Voice, Post, Fax and Email from Microsoft Power Automate

About Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is used to streamline repetitive tasks and processes with limited or low code. Using Microsoft Power Automate, you can connect any Microsoft products to ClickSend. Our connector allows you to auto send SMS, MMS, voice messages, postcards, letters and emails when a user performs an action.

Use our templates to streamline tasks or create your own — there are endless possibilities to add communications to the Microsoft suite and hundreds of business applications.

We have prepared some helpful guides to get you started.

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your Microsoft Power Automate account

Streamline your communications from SMS to email, so you can focus on what matters. Some popular use cases are below.

  • Receive calendar alerts and cancellation notifications. Get an SMS when someone has scheduled or cancelled a meeting in your Outlook or Google calendar.

  • Manage VIP customers with ease. Get an SMS or MMS when you get an email from a VIP customer in Outlook or when someone uploads a file on Sharepoint.

  • Manage your contact lists and subscribers. Keep your contact lists clean, without doing a thing. Add, modify or delete a contact when you receive an inbound SMS.

Why use Microsoft Power Automate & Clicksend

Streamline SMS processes confidently with a tool that has 100% uptime. ClickSend uses the most reliable, direct connections with carriers for near-instant SMS delivery and thousands of messages per minute.

Microsoft Power Automate pricing

You’ll need a paid plan in Microsoft Power Automate to use this integration. ClickSend accounts are always free, you only pay for the messages you send.

Microsoft Power Automate offers a 90 month trial period for business and students (ClickSend SMS integration is accessible in trial period).

Sign up for a free ClickSend account and try SMS with free credits.

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