GoodBarber SMS Integration

About GoodBarber SMS

GoodBarber is a no-code app builder for creating user-friendly and feature-rich mobile apps. It’s perfect for all kinds of businesses from e-commerce, to content publishing and more.

Sync ClickSend with GoodBarber to add SMS to the apps you build and prototype. It’s easy and only takes a few clicks via Zapier*.

How does it work? Zapier will order ClickSend to trigger the SMS actions you’ve set. For example, a customer orders shoes via your online shopping app. Zapier will order ClickSend to trigger an SMS with expected shipping times.

*You can also use the Make platform to connect your GoodBarber app to ClickSend

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your GoodBarber SMS account

Connect GoodBarber and ClickSend to:

Plug and play SMS functionality for any app you build in GoodBarber.

Send an SMS every time a new user is created in GoodBarber. Reach out to new users and customise the message with placeholders. Add automated text messaging functionality to your app. Trigger SMS to send for booking reminders, confirmations, alerts, updates and more. Use 30+ triggers and actions pre-built in Zapier. Create simple automations using pre-build zaps, no code required.

GoodBarber SMS pricing

The integrations are free to install. Zapier has subscription plans which you can see here.

ClickSend is a pay-as-you-go service. Which means, you pay for the messages you send.

GoodBarber SMS & ClickSend Zapier templates

GoodBarber SMS listing screenshots

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