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About EventsAIR

EventsAIR is a cloud-based event management software platform designed to help organizers plan and manage various types of events, such as conferences, meetings, trade shows, and exhibitions. The platform offers a range of tools and features to streamline event planning, registration, attendee management, abstract submissions, exhibitor management, and other aspects of event organization.

ClickSend SMS is a service provided by ClickSend, a global communications platform. ClickSend SMS is specifically focused on enabling businesses and organizations to send SMS (text messages) to their customers, clients, or employees through an SMS gateway. With the seamless integration of ClickSend and EventsAir, event organizers can enhance their communication capabilities by sending SMS notifications to customers, ensuring a smooth and efficient confirmation process for attendees.

By leveraging ClickSend's powerful SMS gateway and EventsAir's comprehensive event management platform, event organizers can automate the process of sending personalized SMS notifications to customers who have registered for the event. This integration enables event planners to streamline attendee confirmation procedures, fostering greater engagement and attendance rates.

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your EventsAIR account

With the integration of ClickSend, send SMS messages seamlessly from the EventsAir platform.

EventsAIR pricing

EventsAir follows a subscription-based pricing model. This means that customers pay a recurring fee for a specified period, typically monthly or annually, to access and use the EventsAir event management platform.

However, the integration is free and you only pay for the messages you sent through ClickSend.

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