MS SQL Server (SSIS) - ClickSend data integration

MS SQL Server (SSIS) - ClickSend data integration Integration

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About MS SQL Server (SSIS) - ClickSend data integration

ClickSend SSIS REST connection allows you to integrate ClickSend service with popular services and databases.With ClickSend connection you can connect SQL Server or any database supported by SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to ClickSend service as Source or Destination. The toolkit is easy to use and follows the same guidelines and principles used by the standard SSIS components.

Detailed, step-by-step setup instructions can be found here: ClickSend - SQL Server integration demo video:

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your MS SQL Server (SSIS) - ClickSend data integration account

Resources represent entities exposed by the service. The API endpoints are grouped by resources:

  • Account
  • Recharge Package
  • Recharge Transaction
  • Contact
  • Contact List
  • Allowed Email
  • Stripped String Rule
  • Master Email Template
  • User Email Template
  • Email Address
  • Email Campaign
  • Email History
  • Email Delivery Receipt Rule
  • Fax Receipt
  • Fax History
  • Inbound Fax Rule
  • Fax Delivery Receipt Rule
  • MMS Campaign
  • Number
  • Letter History
  • Postcard History
  • Post Return Address
  • Referral Account
  • Reseller Account
  • SMS Receipt
  • Inbound SMS
  • SMS Template
  • SMS History
  • SMS Campaign
  • Inbound SMS Rule
  • SMS Delivery Receipt Rule
  • Subaccount
  • Voice Receipt
  • Voice History
  • Voice Delivery Receipt Rule
  • Delivery Issue

MS SQL Server (SSIS) - ClickSend data integration pricing

It's free for test and development within Visual Studio. There are no time restrictions and the SSIS+ Suite you test with is exactly the same as the SSIS+ Suite you will be using once you purchase a license. The only restriction you’ll be working under is that you cannot automate the execution of your packages without a license key. For full details please visit:

SQL Server demo video

MS SQL Server (SSIS) - ClickSend data integration listing screenshots

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