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About BookingPress

Send SMS reminders, confirmations, and payment prompts from BookingPress with the ClickSend integration. Improve communication, reduce no-shows, and focus on serving your customers. BookingPress is a WordPress plugin that streamlines booking and appointment management for service businesses — from spas to clinics, mechanics and more.

You can easily send automatic SMS reminders, confirmations and payment reminders from your BookingPress account with the ClickSend BookingPress SMS integration.

Why choose the BookingPress SMS and ClickSend integration

Improving booking and payment communications and processes is a win for service-based businesses.

The BookingPress SMS integration is easy to set up and use, even if you're not a tech expert. It can save you a chunk of time. Automating booking and payment reminders allows you to focus on what you do best — serving your customers.

Add SMS functionality to BookingPress to improve the booking and scheduling process. It makes customers happy too. It’s a convenient and personalised way to communicate and keep everyone in the loop.

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your BookingPress account

Connect BookingPress and ClickSend to:

Add SMS functionality to your BookingPress account for easy reminders.

Reduce no-shows with booking reminders via text. Set up booking reminders to fire off automatically so you can be confident that people will turn up for their appointment.

Nudge customers to pay invoices as the due date gets closer. Send payment reminders to customers automatically and reduce outstanding payments.

Customise the text messages with names and booking details. Customer and booking details automatically populate so that they receive relevant and actionable reminders, payment nudges and SMS confirmations.

BookingPress pricing

The SMS components are free to install and use. However, ClickSend is a pay-as-you-go SMS service. Which means, you’ll only ever pay for the messages you send.

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