BigCommerce Integration

Send text messages and more whenever orders are created or updated in BigCommerce

About BigCommerce

Set up an online store and sell products around the world with one of the world's most well known eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce.

Design a website and create the perfect shopping experience for your customers with BigCommerce's pre-built online shopping website templates and features. So you don't need to write a line of code.

Create buzz for your online brand and keep your customers in the loop by connecting ClickSend and BigCommerce to send text messages, voice, letters and more.

Simplify your BigCommerce communications strategy, like thousands of business owners who integrate their online store with ClickSend.

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Integrate SMS messaging and more with your BigCommerce account

Automate confirmation text messages to your customers, send an SMS when abandoned shopping carts are on the rise or create your automation from scratch to boost your eCommerce marketing strategy.

With our ClickSend and BigCommerce integration, you can:

  • Receive an SMS when a new order is placed through BigCommerce.
  • Send an SMS to your customer when an order is dispatched.
  • Send a postcard via the post to thank or remind customers of any upcoming promotions.
  • Send an MMS to promote a new campaign.
  • Send a text-to-voice message to a phone number or landline.

BigCommerce pricing

3rd party integration platform: Some platforms may apply fees. However, the connector is free to set up and you only pay for the messages sent.

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BigCommerce & ClickSend Zapier templates

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