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About ApiX

ApiX-Drive this is an online connector, a system that will help you link different services via API and set up data transfer between them. It is a kind of digital glue that brings different products together. The platform allows users to create integrations between different types of services. Among them are CRM, mailing and SMS services, quiz makers, social networks, CMS systems, marketplaces, project managers, payment systems, instant messengers, chat bots and other products.

To use the connector, there is no need in technical knowledge and skills, you do not have to write any code. In order to integrate two services, it is enough to link their accounts on the ApiX-Drive website and select the parameters for automatic data transfer. Integration setup is carried out in a simple interface with a lot of prompts – on average, this process takes up to 5 minutes.

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your ApiX account

Now you don't need to hire programmers or integrators to automate ClickSend with other systems. With ApiX-Drive you can connect and automate these systems in 5 minutes yourself. Configure the rules once, according to which the systems will work.

Automation capabilities ClickSend with other systems:

Data receiver: ClickSend, available actions:

  • Add Contacts
  • Send SMS
  • Send Transactional Email
  • Delete Contact

How is the integration of ClickSend carried out?

  • First, you need to register in ApiX-Drive
  • Next, select the service in the web interface you need to integrate with ClickSend
  • Choose what data to transfer from one system to another
  • Turn on auto-update
  • Now the data will be automatically transferred from one system to another.

Here's how you can integrate with ClickSend and Google sheets: https://apix-drive.com/en/blog/how-to/google-sheets-and-clicksend-integration

ApiX pricing

Pricing information can be found here: https://apix-drive.com/en/rates

ClickSend connection
Facebook and ClickSend Integration
Google Sheets and ClickSend Integration

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