ADSelfService Plus Integration

About ADSelfService Plus

Send SMS with ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus.

  1. Go to Server settings -> SMS Settings
  2. Choose the following options:
  • SMS Provider: Custom
  • Send SMS via: HTTP
  • HTTP Method: Post
  • HTTP Parameters: method=adselfserviceplus&username=xxxx&key=xxxx&to=%mobNo%&message=%message% where:
  • username: your ClickSend username from here.
  • key: your ClickSend API key from [here] (
  • to: the recipient number - use placeholder: %mobNo%
  • message: the message body - use placeholder: %message%
  • senderid: the from name/number (optional) More info.

For example:


  1. Send a test message. It should respond with 'MESSAGE SENT'. If it doesn't, get it contact with our live chat team to troubleshoot.

Integrate SMS messaging and more with your ADSelfService Plus account

  • Send SMS with ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus
  • Allow staff to reset their passwords using SMS

ADSelfService Plus pricing

This integratoin is free. Only pay for the messages you send.

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